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An animated music video, titled ‘Dorothy.’ I wish it had been longer, but it’s still excellent. Sang by Yunyu, with art by Queenie Chan, and animation by theCommonist.

‘Dorothy’ Music Video Credits

Director: Darrel Chia Chee Sum

Producer: Issarapa Suetrong
CG Prod. Co.: theCommonist KL & Bkk
VFX / CG Supervisor: Apichart Noisuk, Tai Keck Yuen
Character Design: Darrel Chia, Apichart Noisuk, theCommonist
Story & World Concept: theCommonist
Project Manager: Kanittha Sriwiboon, Heng Choo Chian

PreVis & Offline Editing: theCommonist
CG Artists: Chaiwat Leeponlasuk, Ek-isara Sareekom, Tu,
Rigger: Phop Wisedchitpol
Layout Artist: Anusart Sapcharoenchai
Animators: Chaiyapak Adireklap, Jiraporn Soonliang
SLR Artist: Nuttakorn Trivittayakorn
Lead Compositors: Apichart Noisuk, Tai Keck Yuen
Colorist & Online: Tai Keck Yuen

Contains samples from John F. Kennedy Moon Speech – Rice Stadium September 12, 1962 Courtesy of AV archives of the JFK Library

Music by Yunyu
The music is not part of the Creative Commons License attributed to the video.

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