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Well, I tried to integrate Enthusiast 3 with WP, and it was a pain, so I gave up on it. I am building a new list of the fanlistings I’ve joined at this page, making use of WP’s links feature. However, I think it might be better to do this with custom post types and taxonomies for better control. So, if anybody shows interest, I’ll actually take my time to work on it and distribute it as a plugin.

Still, note that the focus will be on listing the fanlistings themselves, not hosting fanlisting sites; I think the latter would be a waste of time, with so many good fanlisting scripts out there, such as Dee’s awesome vs.hive. Plus, you can easily build your own with WordPress itself (I can probably write an entry with my thoughts on this later). So, yeah. If you’re interested, please let me know. The more people who show up, the more motivated I will be. ;)

Edit: So, regardless of no interest being shown yet, I started working on this out of my own need for it, and it’s coming along nicely. In fact, the custom post type and taxonomy was piece of cake (nothing but a couple of hooks and functions), but now I must make the proper templates and shortcodes to display the fanlistings.

See? For real.


Update: This is how it looks now.

Update: This is how it looks now.

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Screen shot of the Starlight Forest site, frozen in time...

Screen shot of the Starlight Forest site, frozen in time…

And thus, suddenly, nostalgia strikes again. Here I am, with the original layout of my old dolling Web site, the Starlight Forest, from back in 2006. I’ve come a long way… Er, but yes… Nostalgia. I have been like this for a few days now. Why? Because such is life, I suppose.

This is a memory that I hold very dear… I had many happy moments while I was in the dolling community. I learned many things, pushed myself to doing others I hadn’t dared to do before, and met many wonderful people who, sadly, I no longer keep in touch with. I hope I can somehow find them again, though. I know many of them are still around in the community, but since I went inactive, I couldn’t keep up.

I am putting this site back up, mainly for nostalgia’s sake. Sadly, I could not find the layout that I created after this one. There was a newer design, a winter one. Where it went, I’ve no idea… Either way, it’s a good thing I still had this backup in my computer!

Well, that’s all for now. There’ll be a Pixel Doll gallery up pretty soon, as I mentioned before, accompanied by this relic. Don’t forget to take a look when they’re ready, if you’re curious. ;)

See ya!

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Screen shot of with past layout

Bye bye, ol' layout! *hugs*

So, I saw this pattern at ColourLovers, and thought it was cute; and for some reason I felt like making a theme off it. And here it is! While not 100% finished, it looks good enough to be used, I suppose… Let me know what you think. It’s a quite simple theme. Oh, by the way, I’m using the Hybrid theme as a base for my latest themes. I’ve made 3 now with this one. The other two, however, are for work.

Anyway, I decided to add some content to my main site, that, for a very long time, has been scattered over many different places. I’m going to take advantage of WP’s latest features, such as the gallery one, to put some of my art and photos on display in their own dedicated pages.

Among the art, there will be some really old pixel dolls, bases, outlines, spritesets and the like, not only for nostalgia’s sake, but also to remind myself of trying to make some more of those in the near future. I want to get back in touch with the old dolling community. I miss it a lot. There will also be some adoptables of my own (up for adoption, of course), and ones I have collected from other sites, too. Visitors are welcome to adopt any of my old stuff, by the way. Finally, there’ll also be some simple layouts/designs as freebies, for anyone who’s interested. These will be good for DiaryLand diaries, small Web sites and such, and also to modify them as you see fit, learn from them, yada yada… I hope you’ll like them.

Let’s see, what else… If I ever release any other stuff that can be shared, it’ll be there for sure.

As for the photo galleries, well, there’ll be a tribute gallery for Chimi (love you, meow meow…), one for my other cats, Cindy and Blackie, and one for my collection of dolls and other toys. And who knows what else…

Furthermore, the links section will be completely revamped, and so will be the other currently existing pages. I want to clean this up well. Even if it’s not my professional blog/site, anyone can come in, and I want to let them know that I’m up to date, and that I care for my own sites. I want them to see what I’m capable of, not only through my professional works, but through the personal ones as well.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. It’s time to wash the dishes, and to rest my arm, because it’s been hurting for like 12 hours now. I should give myself a break from the computer. This is not healthy…

See you around! *hugs* :D

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There's a neat art community rising over at You'll notice it looks and feels  like deviantArt, but it's fine; the approach seems to be a little different, plus I like the simplicity. I have accounts at FurAffinity, MangaBullet, deviantArt and SheezyArt, but still, I want to share with as many people as possible, so I'd like to try this community as well.

If anybody knows where I can get an invite code for that site, please let me know! Or if you can invite me yourself, the better.  ;)

ALSO, take a look at their POKÉDEX PROJECT at:

It's so cool! And cute.  :3

Well, see you next time!
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Hi there!

I just received an invitation from [personal profile] elfin. Thanks a lot, Elfin! I stumbled upon DW by chance yesterday, while looking for [personal profile] pandaranda's site, which is hosted here, and then decided to give it a try. I am not so fond of LJ anymore, and I used to be pretty active there in the past, but I  hope things might be different here.

My name is Jessica, but I am better known as Arwym. I am a self-proclaimed geek; I've been roaming the Internet since I was around 11, and making Web sites since I was around 14. I only got serious about making Web sites a few years after that, though...

I am a "professional" Web designer and developer, currently doing work for a small local Web design business, and on my own as well, as a freelancer. I advocate for Web standards, focusing always on usability and accessibility, with a minimalist approach. I am not the best out there, and I am only getting started with my career, but I hope for my name to someday become a synonym of professionalism, reliability, transparency, and innovation.

However, while I admit that the Web is one of my greatest passions in life, it is still not greater than my love for storytelling. Telling stories, in whatever form, I must say, is one desire that has been constant throughout my whole life, since very small; unlike many other things. That is, because I am not a very consistent person. Yet, I've never, not once in my life, given up on my dream to share all the stories that take form in my imagination, and sometimes, in my dreams.

Also note that, while I love all these things, I'm not saying I'm great at them. Although I strive to be good, I am not all that sure about my capabilities yet.

So, with that said, you must know that I have several journals and blogs scattered around the Web; the main one is at, and is a personal blog. However, I don't consider a blog to be the same as a journal; at least, not always... There's also my game development blog, my Spanish blog, my academic blog, my DiaryLand diary (I haven't posted here in a long time, though; and this DW journal might as well replace it), my blog-comic thingy, and my "tumblelog," among others I'll be revealing little by little. I have blogs for a few of my roleplaying characters, you see. (Yes, I like roleplaying.) Uh, I know this must seem crazy and unnecessary to most people; usually, a single blog is enough to have trouble keeping up, but, you see, this is part of who I am today.

Either way, I'm still not 100% sure of what I'll be posting here, but it'll probably be a mix of things. I might as well cross post, too.

I hope you find something enjoyable in this little journal. Thanks, and take care!


The Journal

Welcome! Feel free to add me or even contact me if you're curious, and don't forget to comment if you have anything to say!
See ya around. :D

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