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Article: The Time Hayao Miyazaki Went Off on America

I cannot really blame young Hayao.
When I was still a girl, I used to hate the US with a passion. I too hated Americanization. I too disliked their ways and impositions on us, to the point that I could not bother to learn English, not even to attain good grades at school. English was my worst grade back then.
Then it dawned on me... It was kind of hypocritical (and rather ignorant) of me. So I learned to embrace the good and the bad, be thankful, and while I still wish we would be a proud and independent nation, and disapprove of many things, I have learned to live with them, until an opportunity for change arises.
But, back to Miyazaki: I kind of like that he rants about these things, and that he is honest about his opinions. From one opinionated person to another, I say, "Keep them going, bro!"
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Source: Facebook Thank you, miss from Twitter. :)

Source: Facebook
Thank you, miss from Twitter. :)

Thank you.

A great amount of people have criticized and questioned my ability to use English, myself included, because I do not know how to pronounce many of the words I have come to get familiar with.

Perhaps they think that everybody in this country, or just everybody anywhere, learns English from television programs and socializing with people who have lived surrounded by English and American pop culture, television and music their whole lives. (Most of these people are awesome, but there are also a bunch of pretentious, wanna-be-American assholes, or raised by such people.)

Well, it happens that my case is different: I learned English by reading and writing heavily on a daily basis during my pre-teen, teenage and young adult years, that I am still learning, and that I have never been a social person, especially during those formative stages of my life. I made my entry and acceptance of that world and its dominant language a little later.

So please get over it, and get used to the fact that I will continue making mistakes in my pronunciation for a long while. It cost me a great deal, but I already became used to it, and now I can enjoy my English a little more.

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