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FanPress: My code... kinda still sucks.

My code… kinda still sucks.

Forwarded from the FanPress blog:

I am going to bug you once again about my need for more feedback, because the truth is that I really need it.

I worked tonight on a few, minor improvements to the plugin’s code. Also, I tried to reproduce the problem that some users have reported: not being able to save the fanlisting’s URL (a post metadata value that is essential for this plugin to work). However, I have been unable to. My own installations of FanPress work perfectly, all data being saved as it should. So, I need more people willing to install and try this plugin on their own WordPress environments, to gather more information about the problem and its source, and ultimately, try to resolve it.

To anybody who reads this, if you are a WordPress user, even if you’re not into fanlistings, I would appreciate that you helped me test this. I don’t want to release another version of FanPress until I have demystified this issue. If you decide to help, please contact me so we can exchange information.

Thank you in advance!

The thing is, I am frustrated. I haven’t been able to deliver the product that I wanted to, and that makes me feel bad for the people who were expecting it. This is not the first time I fail, and I want to do something that really works and can help others with similar interests and/or needs!

*Le sigh…*

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