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My top reasons for choosing to read books in digital formats rather than the traditional print alternatives are as follow, in no particular order:

  1. Lack of more physical space
  2. Creative Commons, Public Domain and indie (independent) titles I could only get for free or at much lower prices if obtained as eBooks; some I just couldn’t find locally (no book store chains in Puerto Rico right now, since Borders closed). Check out Web sites such as, Project Gutenberg, and
  3. Many books and other types of publications that I wanted which only exist in digital formats; I can bundle Web comics as comic book archives or as epubs (Calibre!) and take them with me; I can create eBooks of Wikipedia articles for research or whatever other reasons, and keep reading while I am away from the computer; and so on…
  4. The ability to carry as many books and comics as I please with me at any time. I love to carry books and notebooks with me everywhere; my favorite companions!
  5. Ecological awareness (I really do care about this matter, and I believe we all should). We ought to take this seriously, because it is a problem that concerns us all.

I encourage you to try eReading yourself, if you haven’t already. And for any possible prejudices you may have about eReading, you should notice that now there is a bazillion alternatives. You can read from almost any modern gadget; from phones to tablets, specialized readers, and of course, personal computers. It’s up to you; now, if you want the experience to feel as close to the traditional as possible, go with an eReader. I currently own a Nook Simple Touch eReader, no glowlight, but I have a lamp to accompany me at night, and soon a booklight as well. I really enjoy the feel of the e-ink display.

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