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Hi there!

I just received an invitation from [personal profile] elfin. Thanks a lot, Elfin! I stumbled upon DW by chance yesterday, while looking for [personal profile] pandaranda's site, which is hosted here, and then decided to give it a try. I am not so fond of LJ anymore, and I used to be pretty active there in the past, but I  hope things might be different here.

My name is Jessica, but I am better known as Arwym. I am a self-proclaimed geek; I've been roaming the Internet since I was around 11, and making Web sites since I was around 14. I only got serious about making Web sites a few years after that, though...

I am a "professional" Web designer and developer, currently doing work for a small local Web design business, and on my own as well, as a freelancer. I advocate for Web standards, focusing always on usability and accessibility, with a minimalist approach. I am not the best out there, and I am only getting started with my career, but I hope for my name to someday become a synonym of professionalism, reliability, transparency, and innovation.

However, while I admit that the Web is one of my greatest passions in life, it is still not greater than my love for storytelling. Telling stories, in whatever form, I must say, is one desire that has been constant throughout my whole life, since very small; unlike many other things. That is, because I am not a very consistent person. Yet, I've never, not once in my life, given up on my dream to share all the stories that take form in my imagination, and sometimes, in my dreams.

Also note that, while I love all these things, I'm not saying I'm great at them. Although I strive to be good, I am not all that sure about my capabilities yet.

So, with that said, you must know that I have several journals and blogs scattered around the Web; the main one is at, and is a personal blog. However, I don't consider a blog to be the same as a journal; at least, not always... There's also my game development blog, my Spanish blog, my academic blog, my DiaryLand diary (I haven't posted here in a long time, though; and this DW journal might as well replace it), my blog-comic thingy, and my "tumblelog," among others I'll be revealing little by little. I have blogs for a few of my roleplaying characters, you see. (Yes, I like roleplaying.) Uh, I know this must seem crazy and unnecessary to most people; usually, a single blog is enough to have trouble keeping up, but, you see, this is part of who I am today.

Either way, I'm still not 100% sure of what I'll be posting here, but it'll probably be a mix of things. I might as well cross post, too.

I hope you find something enjoyable in this little journal. Thanks, and take care!


The Journal

Welcome! Feel free to add me or even contact me if you're curious, and don't forget to comment if you have anything to say!
See ya around. :D

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